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P4G’s 2019 Scale-Up Partnerships: Innovations for Green Growth and Climate Action | Apply Now

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P4G’s 2019 Scale-Up Partnerships: Innovations for Green Growth and Climate Action
Deadline: 18 October 2019
2020 P4G Partnership Fund is seeking applications to offer financial support and targeted assistance to select public-private partnerships that are advancing innovative strategies to achieve the following five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
SDG 2 Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
SDG 6 Water and Sanitation
SDG 7 Clean Energy
SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production (circular economy)

P4G will provide funding only to partnerships in the start-up and scale-up phases of development and growth:
Start-up: Promising, early-stage partnerships that need support to consolidate the partnership or test the feasibility of innovative approaches.
Scale-up: Partnerships that are already engaged in promising, business-driven green growth innovations and need support to scale up and accelerate their impact.

Funding Information
Partnerships in the start-up phase may apply for up to USD 100,000. P4G funding should represent a maximum of 75 percent of the partnership’s budget. Partnerships in the scale-up phase may apply for up to USD 1 million, with P4G funding a maximum of 50 percent of the partnership’s budget. P4G funding is for a period of one to two years (12 – 24 months), depending on the needs of the partnership.

Eligibility Criteria
Primary SDG Focus: Partnership activities must focus on one or more of P4G’s five target SDGs: Zero Hunger (2); Clean Water and Sanitation (6); Affordable and Clean Energy (7); Sustainable Cities and Communities (11); Responsible Consumption and Production (12).
Start-up or Scale-up: Partnerships must be in either the start-up or the scale-up phase of development. P4G does not support partnerships in the idea generation phase (including concept, research and development, or pilot phase), or in the implementation phase between start-up and scaling.
Country Focus: Start-up partnership activities must benefit one or more of the P4G partner countries that are eligible for P4G funding: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and Vietnam. P4G has a strong preference for scale-up partnerships whose activities benefit these countries, as well, but will also consider exceptional scale-up partnership applications that benefit other ODA-eligible developing countries.

Evaluation Criteria
Partnerships that meet the eligibility criteria above will be evaluated and ranked based on the following eight criteria:
Market Need: The extent to which the partnership is addressing a significant gap in the market.
To what extent has the partnership identified a viable target market?
How clearly has the partnership described the key issues, problems or barriers that prevent a commercially viable solution aligned with the relevant SDGs from entering the marketplace?
Goals: The extent to which the partnership goals are relevant and impactful.
How relevant are the goals and sub-goals to both the problem and the suggested solutions?
How clear and consistent are the goals?
To what extent will achieving the partnership’s goals lead to positive, measurable progress toward the relevant SDGs? 

Effectiveness of the Model: The likelihood that the proposed model/approach can deliver a commercially viable solution aligned with the relevant SDGs, and the strength of the strategy to grow and replicate that model.
To what extent is the model innovative (see definition below) while also having an approach that seems feasible? For financial instruments: how realistic and sound are the instruments and structures?
How likely is the partnership’s model/approach to lower the market barriers that the partnership has identified?
How likely is it that the identified model/approach will deliver a commercially viable solution within the marketplace?
How strong is the model and the partnership’s strategy and ability to grow, replicate, and scale?
Work Plan and Implementation Strategy: The likelihood that the workplan will produce the identified goals.
How likely are the identified workplan activities to produce the identified goals?
How reasonable is the timeline for completing the activities and achieving the goals and deliverables in the workplan?

Budget and Financial Plan: The level of sustainability of the partnership’s funding model.
How well is the budget aligned to the workplan and timeline?
How reasonable is the budget for accomplishing the desired results?
For pre-commercial ventures: how realistic is the plan to get to commercial operation, or to directly enable significant commercial investment?
For commercial ventures: how realistic and viable are the potential future revenue streams? 

Partners’ Capability: The strength of the partners’ capacity to execute the proposed model/approach.
What is the partners’ experience in implementing change in the relevant sector, market segment, and geography?
Does the partnership’s structure and history/precedent indicate that they can function effectively as a collective and execute on plans?
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Value Add of P4G:
To what extent would P4G acceleration and funding help this partnership to achieve its goals? (Note: this may include the partnership’s alignment with existing P4G partnership themes and partner country priorities.)

Risk: The thoroughness of the risk evaluation and the strength of the risk mitigation plan
How thoroughly defined and comprehensive are the risks in the following areas:
  • Human capital
  • Technological
  • Process
  • Political
  • Legal
  • Economic
Do the risk mitigation measures defined by the partnership provide reasonable assurance that the relevant risks are manageable?

How to Apply
Applicants can apply online via given website.
For more information, please CLICK HERE!

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