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Skoll MBA Scholarship Opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School 2020/21

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Skoll MBA Scholarship in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of oxford’s Saïd Business School 2020/2021 
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Application Deadline: January 10th 2020
The Skoll Scholarship provides full funding plus a living stipend to complete a MBA at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.
Receive exclusive opportunities to meet with world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and investors
Take your social impact to the next level
Gain professional leadership and business skills
Become part of the Skoll Scholar community, a group of leaders who are positively impacting the world through innovation and systems change

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Entrepreneurial action
You have identified opportunities and taken action in order to make positive social impact
You have spent preferably at least 3 years driving change through entrepreneurial approaches. For example, you could have:
Started or grown a social venture
OR created and led the expansion of a social impact initiative within an organisation
OR been tackling a specific social/environmental issue, through a core thread that unites your work

2. Creating impact with a focus on systems change
You can demonstrate the outcomes and impact of your entrepreneurial action
Your impact addresses unjust systems and practise in your area of work
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3. Personal qualities of a social entrepreneur
You are a force for positive change
You are single-minded and persistent, with a willingness to fail and start again
You have bias toward action
You have a tendency to explore your environment for opportunities and resources
You have a willingness to take personal, and sometimes financial, risks
You develop networks and leverage members to pursue mutual goals
You have apprenticed with the problem* or experienced the problem you are trying to solve  

4. The Oxford MBA is critical to your career trajectory
You can demonstrate why business education is essential in helping to develop your work/impact at this stage

5. Financial need
You are in a position where the cost of the programme is a significant financial burden
You can demonstrate the need for the Scholarship (for example, due to previous work experiences or personal circumstances)
*“Apprenticing with a Problem”, a term we borrowed from Jessamyn Shams-Lau at the Peery Foundation, refers to someone developing a deep understanding of a problem they did not live through themselves, e.g. by working in the field, working at a related organisation, conducting research, etc. A simple example of someone apprenticing with a problem is a teacher who has gone on to start an education focused non-profit.

Diversity and Inclusion: We value and encourage diversity within the Skoll Scholarship Community. In order to successfully tackle world scale problems, we must bring together individuals from different cultures, religions, sectors, genders, backgrounds, and ideologies to create collaborative solutions. Belonging to a diverse community enriches our Scholars’ learning experience, teaches them to challenge ideas and be challenged in a respectful manner, and fosters a global perspective necessary in today’s world. Therefore we encourage all candidates to apply for the Scholarship, especially women, members of historically underrepresented groups, and those from the global south.
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How to apply
Apply to the MBA programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford which includes your Skoll Scholarship essays.
You must apply during specific MBA application stages to be considered for the Scholarship. Consult the Skoll Scholarship website for more information,
Complete the online application to the Skoll Scholarship, which will be sent to you once you are accepted onto the MBA programme.
Participate in the interview process (note: not all candidates will be offered an interview
Apply Here Now Official Scholarship Link

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